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Pashmina wool is the traditional name for the finest cashmere wool. Also known as the diamond fabric and the soft gold of Asia, pashmina is the finest, softest and warmest wool available. Derived from the Persian word “pashm”, it refers to the undercoat of fur obtained from certain species of goats. For centuries the Pashmina shawls have been woven on handlooms from wool hand-spun from the shaggy coat of a goat, which lives in the heights of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir state. Thousands of Kashmiris are associated with the ancient trade. Pashmina is the finest quality of wool obtained from a special variety of goat Pashmina living in high altitude regions of India. This goat is mainly native to Tibet, Nepal, and Ladakh in Jammu Kashmir, India. They are also called Changthangi goats.






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